Platinum-Iridium Subdermal Needle | 150cm cable

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1 piece(s) = 11.00 €

Platinum-Iridium Disposable Subdermal Needle Electrodes

Cable length 150 cm, 1.5 mm DIN connector, Needle length 12 mm, Ø 0,4 mm
PU = 25 needles per bag
The disposable subdermal needle electrodes of platinum-iridium have a length of 12 mm and a diameter of 0.4 mm. The cables are equipped with 1.5 mm DIN connectors in five different colours.
The needles are packaged individually (PU = 25 pcs.) as sterilized (ethanol sterilization) products and can be used directly.
The single-use needles should be used on the treatment of one patient only.
  • high-quality grinding to get accurate quality
  • Low impedance and inherent noise to generate a clear and reliable signal
  • Ultra sharp tip for easy skin penetration
  • Colour-coded leads and connectors
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