Product info - EEG Cap WaveGuard original

Product info - EEG Cap WaveGuard original

A key feature of the WaveGuard original EEG cap is its long life thanks to the cap, Ag/AgCl electrode and electrode cable materials. It is versatile, robust and comfortable for the patient to wear.

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The WaveGuard connect EEG cap is equipped with 23 Ag/AgCl electrodes.

19 EEG electrodes after 10/20, A1 and A2 at the mastoid (M1 / M2), Ground at the electrode position Fpz and a reference electrode at the electrode position CPz.


High-quality tin electrodes ensure excellent and stable signals.
The innovative flexible electrode rings guarantee that the electrodes remain in the intended position during the examination, even if the patient lies or asleep, and they ensure the comfort of wearing the EEG cap, even for discharges lasting several days.


The electrode cables are protected by the embedding in the two-ply breathable fabric cap on the one hand from damage and on the other hand for the user and patients during the EEG not disturbing or hindering.


A high patient comfort, even lying or sleeping, in conjunction with a pressure-free fit of the WaveGuard EEG cap is achieved on the one hand by the electrode rings described above and the other by the soft, comfortable to wear but durable breathable cap material, which without hesitation Korolex extra ( Item no .: 720350) can be disinfected and dried after washing within a short time.


The applicability of the WaveGuard cap extends over the entire range of EEG examinations in babies to large adults!
From routine / standard EEG, neurofeedback and QEEG to long-term EEG over several days, sleep studies and functional studies.


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